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James Tracy of the San Francisco Community Land Trust writes that he uses Dollars & Sense as

a community organizing tool. ...The articles ... break down complicated issues in ... terms that everyone can understand. Dollars & Sense has been useful in communicating with both community members and policy makers. In fact, the article on the efforts of Burlington's Community Land Trust was useful in our recent successful lobbying campaign for affordable housing money in San Francisco.

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To order back issues, or for any other help you need from us to promote Dollars & Sense, call us at 617.447.2177. Here is a list of some recent issues and the topics they cover:

  • March/April 2009: Bank nationalization; Cuba embargo; single-payer; ecosocialism and climate change.
  • January/February 2009: Capital flight and the dollar; oil-sands in Alberta; panics and manias
  • November/December 2008: Capitalism hits the fan; financialization; populism and neoliberalism in Iran
  • September/October 2008: Annual Labor Issue: Honda molds a white workforce; Employee Free Choice Act; Postville and the Hormel strike; Fannie and Freddie bailout
  • July/August 2008: Commodity prices; France's sans-papiers; the global oil market; private equity exposed
  • May/June 2008: Health care costs; America beyond Consumerism; Bear-Stearns bailout
  • March/April 2008: "Employer of Last Resort" programs; the candidates' economic advisors; West Bengal's right turn
  • January/February 2008: The coming recession; Security and Prosperity Partnership; Inequality and health
  • November/December 2007: Banking deregulation and the current banking crisis; child soldiers in the Congo
  • September/October 2007: Annual Labor Issue: U.S. Auto industry; labor policy under Bush; oil workers in Iraq
  • July/August 2007: Palm oil production in Colombia; neoliberalism in China; bumping landing for U.S. economy
  • Spring 2007: The Homeownership Myth; tortilla crisis; Chase Bank; the "care gap"
  • January/February 2007: Updates on inequality: "The Long Barbeque"; taxing the rich; so-called "double-taxation" of corporations
  • November/December 2006: covering: the fringe economy, Bolivian gas re-nationalization, activism in Vieques, microcredit and gender
  • September/October 2006: Annual Labor Issue: The New Militancy
  • July/August 2006: The Solidarity Economy: A collaboration with Grassroots Economic Organizing
  • May/Jun 2006: The Wages of a Global Economy
  • Mar/Apr 2006: Special Katrina Issue
  • Jan/Feb 2006, covering: welfare reform, the prison crisis, post-Apartheid vineyards, Medicare D, the Wal-Mart economy, and how the government measures poverty