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Examination copies and desk copies

We are happy to provide free copies of our textbooks to any instructor who is considering adopting one of our titles or who has already adopted one. We ask that you pay for shipping and handling—$6.00 for the first title, and $2.00 for each additional title. For shipments to Canada, please add an additional $10. We regret that we cannot fulfill other international exam copy requests. Please order through our bookstore.

To order exam copies (or desk copies, if you have already adopted one of our books), please fill out the form below. (See the bottom of this page for information about how to order by email, phone, or mail.) The links below will open up separate windows or tabs so you can get more information about the books without navigating away from the form. But if you do navigate away, the form will keep whatever information you've already filled in.

Custom textbooks: We are now able to produce high-quality, low-cost custom anthologies of articles from Dollars & Sense magazine. If none of our existing textbooks meets your needs, please ask us about custom textbooks in the "comment" section of the form below.

Old editions: We may be able to make earlier editions of our textbooks available to your students. for details.

Desk/Exam Copy Request Form

Please check the titles that you would like to receive:
(Note: If you click on the title, information about that book will appear in a separate window or tab of your web browser.)

The Coronavirus Crisis Reader, 2nd ed.
Costs of Empire
Real World Macro, 38th ed.
Real World Micro, 28th ed.
Unlevel Playing Fields, 4th ed.
Real World Globalization, 19th ed.
Labor and the Global Economy
The Wealth Inequality Reader, 4th ed.
The Economics of the Environment, 3rd ed.
Current Economic Issues, 24th ed.
Real World Labor, 3rd ed.
Introduction to Political Economy, 8th ed.
Real World Latin America, 2nd ed.
Real World Banking & Finance, 7th ed.
Our Economic Well-Being
Striking a Balance
I am interested in custom textbooks for courses of 50 students or more (total for one or more sections). (Please enter details in Comments section below.)

If you prefer, you can call us at 617-447-2177; , or mail your request to Dollars & Sense, 89 South St., Suite LL02, Boston, MA 02111. Please include: the titles you would like; your school address and departmental affiliation; your email address and phone number; and the name and expected enrollment of the applicable courses.

To pay for shipping and handling—$6 for the first title, and $2 for each additional title—you can either mail us a check, pay by credit card over the phone, or pay at the "donate" page of our website (just include a note in the "comments" box to let us know it's for exam-copy shipping costs). If you prefer to pay for shipping later, we'll include a reminder with your shipment.