40th Anniversary Special Issue

Celebrating 40 years of making sense!

Since 1974, Dollars & Sense has been challenging mainstream media accounts of how the U.S. and global economies work, offering alternatives to orthodox economics and the obsequious business press, and reporting about grassroots movements for social change. D&S has been able to survive and grow during the past 40 years because of the contributions of many people. If you value Dollars & Sense, we need your help to continue.

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Why does Dollars & Sense need your support?

Most magazines don't get all, or even most, of their income from subscriptions. They rely on advertising revenue to keep them afloat. And some have wealthy corporate parents to support them.

Dollars & Sense is different. As an independent, non-profit magazine run by a non-hierarchical collective of economists and political activists, we don't have any corporate sponsors or big-bucks investors. Our critical perspective on economic issues ensures that we also don't earn a lot of money from advertisers.

Since 1974 Dollars & Sense has published well-informed, hard-hitting analysis in language that non-economists can understand. In addition to the magazine and website, Dollars & Sense publishes the “Real World” series of textbooks and college course readers. In this time of financial turmoil, your donation will help us continue to educate students and counter the mainstream orthodoxy of academic economics programs. Your support helps us keep the prices of our books and magazine more affordable so we can reach a larger audience.

D&S operates on a shoestring, so your donations will never be used the way your tax dollars are—for million-dollar bonuses, private jets, or mergers and acquisitions. Every dollar is spent carefully, as an investment in the struggle for economic justice. Your tax-deductible donation will provide critical support for our vital work of challenging mainstream economics and inspiring people to take action for economic justice and democracy.

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