About Dollars & Sense History

It was a time of oil shortages, skyrocketing inflation, the beginnings of recession— a time when economic crisis was starting to replace war in Indochina as the central event dominating the news and defining the possibilities for social change. Most activists were unprepared for the new economic problems of the late 1970s. No existing publication offered them a widely accessible, usable analysis of the US economy. Dollars & Sense was created to meet that need.

The first Dollars & Sense, a 16-page bulletin that sold for 50 cents, came out in November 1974. Sponsored by the Union for Radical Political Economics, and produced by a collective of URPE members, Dollars & Sense sought to challenge the mainstream media's account of how the US economy works by publishing popularly written, critical articles in an accessible format.

It's been more than 30 years and 260 issues. Dollars & Sense magazine has grown both in page-count and circulation (we have subscribers on every continent except Antarctica), we now publish books, and the organization is no longer officially affiliated with URPE. However, we're still working as a collective to meet the need for "left perspectives on current economic affairs," as our masthead proclaims.