Real World Labor

Edited by Immanuel Ness, Amy Offner, and Chris Sturr

Real World Labor cover
Date of publication:
April 2011

With more than 80 articles by leading writers and scholars of the labor movement, this essential anthology addresses recent changes in the nature of work and wages; discrimination by race, gender, and immigration status; militarism and its effects on the working class; union responses to the global financial meltdown; and new forms of rank-and-file organizing and resistance. The second edition includes two dozen new articles on today’s changing labor movement.

Contributors include: David Bacon, Kim Bobo, Patrick Bond, Heather Boushey, Roger Bybee, Aviva Chomsky, Steve Early, Elise Gould, Bill Fletcher Jr., Staughton Lynd, Arthur MacEwan, Immanuel Ness, Thomas Palley, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Pollin, Paddy Quick, Peter Rachleff, and others.

Praise for Real World Labor:

Real World Labor, like decades of Dollars & Sense books, is bound to be a great guide to labor issues with a wide range of perspectives for both union members and students.”
LARRY COHEN, President, Communications Workers of America

Real World Labor is an antidote to the misinformation, false arguments, and faulty analysis so common in the mainstream media and among orthodox economists. An excellent classroom resource.”
MICHAEL YATES, author of Why Unions Matter and Associate Editor, Monthly Review

“For any labor studies course, Real World Labor is the most comprehensive and accessible book available today. Written by authoritative scholars of the labor movement in the United States and worldwide, no book compares to this work in its breadth of coverage and scope of analysis. This is the only collection that provides an in–depth overview of labor issues in an accessible manner to anyone interested in understanding the most significant issues facing workers and the contemporary labor movement. I highly recommend this book to all!”
THOMAS J. KRIGER, Provost, National Labor College

“Only a Dollars & Sense reader could fit between its covers organizing against Starbucks, wage theft, the political economy of unemployment, globalization, sexual harassment, democratic alternatives to capitalism, the music of the Dropkick Murphys, and much much more—and have it all make sense. Real World Labor is an ideal text both for newcomers to labor studies and to old hands. In one volume, it provides students with invaluable historical background, up-to-the-minute analysis of current labor politics, and many compelling stories about both workers being exploited and workers fighting back. Equally important, it provides an analytical framework for understanding the assault on labor over the past generation and how this has impacted the American economy as a whole. Combining excellent journalism and excellent analysis, Real World Labor provides both a compelling critique of the American political economy and cutting-edge commentary on the direction labor and economic justice movements must take in the years ahead”
THAD WILLIAMSON, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond