Real World Globalization

real world globalization cover
Date of publication:
November 2013

Real World Globalization is an essential guide to the changing trends in global trade, investment, labor relations, and economic development. This new 13th edition covers issues including trade agreements and international insitutions, corporate power, labor relations, natural resources, and the ongoing world economic crisis.

Includes a brand-new chapter on "Resistance and Alternatives" to dominant economic policies and institutions!

Contributors include: Dean Baker, James M. Cypher, Gerald Epstein, Nancy Folbre, Gerald Friedman, Kevin Gallagher, Armagan Gezici, Robin Hahnel, Arthur MacEwan, John Miller, Thomas Palley, Robert Pollin, Smriti Rao, and many others.

“As textbooks become more conservative and less topical, I find that Dollars & Sense readers are more useful than ever in my undergraduate classes. They are jargon-free, up-to-date, and inexpensive, as well as consistently and thoughtfully progressive. I recommend them highly.” —ROBIN HAHNEL, American University

“The articles provide students with access to current economic issues, along with a progressive framework. The writing is always good. Students always find them to-the-point, and learn a lot from them.”
   —BILL GANLEY, State University of New York–Buffalo

Real World Globalization is an indispensable tool for understanding the social impacts of the new global economy, both domestically and internationally, and is written in a language and style that’s accessible yet without compromise of rigor or principle.” —GERALD SUSSMAN, Portland State University