Current Economic Issues

Edited by James M. Cypher, Robert Larson, Alejandro Reuss, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective

current economic issues cover
Date of publication:
November 2013

This lively, accessible anthology features progressive perspectives on today’s most important economic debates, while debunking many of the myths promoted by the mainstream press. The updated 17th edition includes analysis of the economic crisis, financial instability, debt and deficits, inequality, labor relations, globalization, and much more.

Perfect for introductory-level courses in economics and other social sciences, Current Economic Issues is an invaluable tool for understanding the ongoing economic crisis and the contending policy responses. Its well-researched, accessible articles are drawn from Dollars & Sense, the leading magazine of popular economics.

Contributors include: Randy Albelda, Dean Baker, Nancy Folbre, Gerald Friedman, Heidi Garrett-Peltier, Arthur MacEwan, John Miller, Jeannette Wicks-Lim, and many others.

“The articles in Current Economic Issues are unique in their ability to draw on both passion and intellect from students of all political persuasions.” —DAVID E. KAUN, University of California–Santa Cruz