Tuesday Links; New Issue!


New Issue!  We are just sending this to the printers; e-subscribers will get their full-color pdfs in the next few days. Check out the table of contents here. Not a subscriber?  We can help!

Arthur MacEwan, Dollars & Sense, Puerto Rico’s Colonial Economy;  Linda Backiel, Monthly Review, Puerto Rico: The Crisis Is About Colonialism, Not Debt.  We have posted one article from our November/December issue, Arthur MacEwan’s “Ask Dr. Dollar” column on the source of Puerto Rico’s current economic crisis: status as a colony. Monthly Review has a good (and longer) piece making the same point.

Labor Network for Sustainability, The Clean Energy Future: Protecting the Climate, Creating Jobs and Saving Money.  A new report co-produced by the Labor Network for Sustainability, 350.org, and Synapse Energy Economics (where D&S co-founder Frank Ackerman works). Our November/December issue (soon to be sent to our e-subscribers) includes a feature by Jeremy Brecher, co-founder of the Labor Network for Sustainability on a related topic:  “A Superfund for Workers: How to Promote a Just Transition and Break Out of the Jobs vs. Environment Trap.”  We should be posting that article to the website sometime in the next two weeks.

Paul Krugman, New York Times, Something Not Rotten in Denmark. He’s picking up on Sanders’ suggestion in the Democratic primary debate that Denmark (and other Scandinavian social democracies) have something for the U.S. to learn from. I didn’t like the smug American exceptionalism of Hillary’s answer (that she loves Denmark, but “we aren’t Denmark)”, which just appeals to the right-wing “common sense” that what works there won’t work here.  It’s not an argument–it’s an argument-stopper. Our November/December issue includes an “Economy in Numbers” column by Jerry Friedman about Sanders’ economic policies, how much they would cost, and how they would be funded.

Sayu Jayaraman, New York TimesWhy Tipping Is Wrong.  By one of the founders of the Restaurant Opportunities Center-NY (ROC-NY), who spoke at a D&S 35th-anniversary fundraiser back in 2009.  Very interesting on the racist history of tipping.


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