Alejandro Reuss and Juliet Schor on Friday

(1) More Teach-Ins on Friday!: Alejandro Reuss of the UMass-Amherst Labor Center and a Dollars & Sense Associate and Juliet Schor of the BU Sociology Department and author of The Overworked American and Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth will lead teach-ins this Friday at #OccupyBoston, as part of the Economics Forum we at Dollars & Sense have been organizing.  Here are the details, which I just posted to the #OccupyBoston Free School University Facebook Group:

#OccupyBoston Economics Forum

Fourth Teach-In:  Friday, October 14th, 2:30pm
Alejandro Reuss, UMass-Amherst Labor Center
“It’s Not Just the Banks:  Class and the Shift in the Distribution of Income Against Workers and in favor of Capitalists”

Fifth Teach-In: Friday, October 14th, 3:30pm
Juliet Schor, Sociology Department, Boston University
“Why Unemployment Is So High and How We Can Reduce It”

Come one, come all!  Let’s hope there’s good weather for these teach-ins.

(2) Boston Globe Video Catches John Miller’s Teach-In: Here’s a nice video from, the website of the Globe, featuring yours truly at around 2:17, looking like I’m trying to walk away from John Miller’s teach-in, when in fact I’m probably doing something really important like distributing John’s handouts or something.  The talk was a great success!  A great crowd. Hat-tip to Mingus Mappes.


More pics of yesterday’s teach-ins, featuring John Miller of Wheaton College and Bryan Snyder of Bentley University:

John Miller, #OccupyBoston Teach-In, October 11, 2011
John Miller Gathers a Crowd at #OccupyBoston, October 11, 2011
Bryan Snyder, #OccupyBoston Teach-In, October 11, 2011

That’s all for now.

–Chris Sturr

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