Bernanke's Re-Confirmation Testimony

With opposition from the left (from Bernie Sanders, who promised to put an “official hold” on a floor vote for Bernanke’s re-confirmation) and from the right (by two Republicans, as yet unnamed, according to FireDogLake, via NakedCapitalism).

Meanwhile, here’s the New York Times account of Bernanke’s testimony, where he concedes that the Fed “could have done more” to avert the crisis.

Here’s a nice discussion on The Big Picture of whether Bernanke will get re-confirmed, should get re-confirmed, and whether we the people have any say whatsoever (one commenter claims that Bernanke’s approval rating is at 21%).

And here’s an op-ed from left-ish economist Dean Baker and libertarian Mark Calabria arguing that an agreement on Fed transparency should precede Bernanke’s re-confirmation. Sounds good to us.

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