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We just added podcast capability to our blog, courtesy of Odigo. The voice that reads it is kind of computery, but it’s remarkably clear. (Ok, I wrote that sentence just so that I can hear the voice read it later and I can find out how it pronounces “computery”.) Someone at lbo-talk tipped us off about Odigo; apparently this is how naked capitalism does its podcast.

To listen and/or subscribe to the feed, click here.

While I’m posting something that is content-free, I might as well take this opportunity to ask our loyal fans, and anyone else who likes our work, to please consider subscribing to the magazine, at the low introductory rates of $18.95 for a year, or $29.95 for two years. We are now offering e-subscriptions—we’ll send you a full-color pdf of each issue. This is a great option for our non-U.S. readers, who may order e-subscriptions at the U.S. rate.

Please also consider making an online donation.

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  1. Yes, sorry about that. I need to contact the Odiogo folks to see what is up or just delete the link (if I can figure out how to do so). That is a remnant of when this blog was run on the Blogger platform–the Odiogo didn’t survive the transition.

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