Massive Protests at G-20

London’s Financial District is ground zero for global popular protest right now. CNN reports 4,000 protesters, burning effigies of bankers, a group of protesters dressed as police in an armored personnel carrier, Billy Bragg, and a simultaneous and more subdued environmental protest outside the European Climate Exchange.

Photos, links, and first hand-reporting are welcome.

From CNN

LONDON, England (CNN) — Police and protesters skirmished around the Bank of England on Wednesday as world leaders gathered for the G-20 Summit.

Thousands of anti-capitalists, anarchists, and environmental campaigners descended for protests in several locations in London, including its financial center around the Bank of England, Britain’s central bank.

Protesters broke several dark tinted windows of a Royal Bank of Scotland building and crawled inside. They also spray-painted the word “thieves” and the anarchist symbol on the side of the building.

The ailing bank has been the target of much anger following reports that its former chief executive was given a multi-million dollar pension payout despite overseeing record losses.

As evening approached, police pushed protesters towards the Bank of England to keep them penned in.

Small fires were set in the crowd of about 4,000 and effigies of bankers burned. A CNN correspondent reported many of them were frustrated at not being allowed to leave the area.

The rest of the report is here.

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