American Casino (GritTV)

Interview about a new documentary, on GritTV (also new? I hadn’t heard of it) with Laura Flanders (whom I remember fondly from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting’s radio program, CounterSpin). Flanders also has an interesting post at the Nation’s website. Hat-tip to LF for both of these items.

While directing a documentary film on Wall Street and the housing bubble, Leslie Cockburn realized that the very subject of her film had become the greatest story of out time. In American Casino Leslie and Andrew Cockburn followed their characters through Wall Street’s collapse, the foreclosure crisis, bankruptcy, and homelessness.

According to Cockburn, “We watched whole neighborhoods ravaged by the subprime meltdown. I have spent much of my career filming in war zones and post apocalyptic societies—Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan. But I never expected such a disaster at home.”

Leslie and Andrew Cockburn discuss their new film, American Casino and explain how we all lost.

Watch the interview here.

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