Two Items on the Employee Free Choice Act

Economist Dani Rodrik had this nice post on his blog last week:

What do Philippe Aghion and Dean Baker have in common?

Jeff Sachs and Bob Pollin? Peter Temin and Mark Thoma? Brad De Long and James Galbraith? Ken Arrow and Bob Solow (besides the fact that they have both won the you-know-what)? Or for that matter, Jagdish Bhagwati and I?

We all support this.

You will notice that the link leads to a petition sponsored by the Economic Policy Institute of prominent economists in support of the Employee Free Choice Act, the legislation before Congress that promises to level the playing field somewhat for workers trying to organize unions. (Thanks to Dani for reminding us about Arrow and Solow winning on American Idol.)

And there’s this new video from SEIU:

I love the bit about how EFCA will (horrors!) turn us into France or Germany. It reminds me of Mitt Romney’s speech to the conservatives when he quit the presidential race and fretted that the liberals were going to turn the United States into “the France of the 21st century” (to which John Stewart responded: “Isn’t France the France of the 21st century?”).

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