Class of 2009: Take Low-Skilled Jobs

From today’s Guardian, a report on job prospects of UK university graduates. It’s bound to be a similar scene in the United States.

Take low-skilled jobs, class of 2009 told

Polly Curtis | The Guardian | February 11, 2009

Students are being urged to take lower-skilled jobs or do voluntary work when they graduate this summer, after a poll of employers revealed widespread cuts in graduate recruitment. Vacancies for graduates in the City alone nose-dived 28% in the past year, the survey found.

Leading companies from the banking, accountancy, construction and IT industries announced cuts to their graduate training positions for 2008, while across the board graduate pay has been frozen, the survey reported. In the worst hit industries starting salaries have been cut in an attempt to prevent further job losses.

Students graduating this year will be the most indebted ever, being the first to pay top-up fees of £3,000 a year throughout their degree courses as well as facing the biggest battle to enter the job market.

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