What Should Be Done (James K. Galbraith)

James K. Galbraith, who teaches economics at the UT-Austin, stopped by the Dollars & Sense booth at the ASSA (see recent posts). He also sent along a link to an audio recording of his panel discussion with former labor secretary Robert Reich and New York Times economics reporter David Cay Johnston. I was sorry to have missed the panel—there was a bit of a buzz about it at the conference (at least among the sorts of people who visited the D&S booth).

Here is what he said about it:

This link will take you to an audio file of my remarks to a panel on what should be done in the crisis, delivered on Saturday to a packed room at the Allied Social Science Association meetings in San Francisco. The session was sponsored by the Association for Evolutionary Economics and chaired by Mat Forstater of UMKC. Bob Reich and David Cay Johnston were among the other participants.

The actual talk starts about a minute in.

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