Labor to BoA: 'We See Your Greedy Side'

From the excellent new Open Media Boston, which has more photos and video of this event:

by Jesse Kirdahy-Scalia (Staff), Jan-15-09

BOSTON/Financial District – Members of local labor unions, labor justice and housing justice groups, SEIU and AFL-CIO spokespersons rallied today outside Bank of America’s building on Federal Street as part of a national campaign to demand the company cease its attempts to defeat the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act and use Troubled Assets Relief Program funds to help Americans.

Among the approximately 65 people who rallied outside Bank of America’s building today in 15° weather were members from SEIU Locals 615, 509, 1199 and the SEIU Massachusetts State Council, AFL-CIO and its affiliates, Jobs with Justice, Massachusetts Interfaith Worker Justice, and City Life. Protesters held a banner which read, “It’s time our economy worked for everyone: support Employee Free Choice” and signs depicting piles of money and corporate jets while they chanted, “Banks get bailed out, people get thrown out!” and “Bank of America, you can’t hide! We can see your greedy side!”

According to an action alert about today’s rally sent through state and local listservs, Bank of America has joined other employers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and McDonald’s in trying to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act. Harris Gruman, Massachusetts Political Director for the State Council of SEIU in Massachusetts, said Employee Free Choice, health care reform and a stimulus package for working Americans are all necessary for economic recovery. Gruman said Bank of America is not using TARP money to benefit working people and communities. “They’re exhibiting all this corporate greed. They’re not helping people facing foreclosures, not helping workers have a better life, they’re not loaning money, even, to other business. They’re sending the money overseas. It’s not part of what we need for a real recovery here.”

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