ASSA and Jet Blue

Things may be relatively quiet on the D&S blog for the first week of 2009, as our busiest blogger (yours truly, D&S co-editor Chris Sturr) will be at the annual economics meetings, grandiosely named the Allied Social Sciences Association meetings (as if economists were the only social scientists!) in San Francisco.

I am excited to be flying via JetBlue; since they are in the midst of a union drive, with an election coming up soon, maybe I can give the workers some moral support.

If you are going to the ASSA meetings, stop by the ICAPE exhibit table (602(B), I think) to say hello–I will be there hawking D&S books. And stop by the panel I’ll be speaking on, sponsored by the Union for Radical Political Economics. Info on the panel (note the august company I’ll be in):

Jan. 3, 12:30 pm
Using Economics for Social Change: Five Organizations Report (A1)

Presiding: LANE VANDERSLICE, World Hunger Education Service

HEIDI HARTMANN, Institute for Women’s Policy Research–Shaping U.S. Policy to Address the Needs of Women and their Families

CHRIS STURR, Dollars and Sense–Bringing Left Economic Analysis to Activists, Students, and the General Public

LAWRENCE MISHEL, Economic Policy Institute–Shaping the US Debate On Policies Affecting Working People Through Empirical and Policy Analysis

KEVIN DANAHER, Global Exchange–Implementing Fair Trade, a Green Economy and Other Steps To Economic Justice

DAVID BARKIN, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco–Principles for Constructing Alternative Socio-Economic Organizations

LANE VANDERSLICE, World Hunger Education Service
JOHN WEEKS, University of London

Happy New Year!

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