Paulson's Panic–Stirling Newberry

This is by Stirling Newberry, from The Agonist.

Hell No, We Won’t Blow (it all on Paulson’s Panic)

Or why the bail out is a bust.

I’ve never been prouder of the blogosphere than in the last week. The opposition to an ill-considered bailout has spread from every direction. From people insiders and outsiders, from in the popular press and in their own journals, to who knew that this was a free three martini lunch . Negotiations have not made it better. We are told, for the third time, that a deal is close, it is done, and yet, the vote slipped from today, to tomorrow. The platitudes have poured forth, but the mean nothing.

There is still time to kill this bill. There is still time to do what is right. Opposition is across the political spectrum, this is not a matter of left or right, but of inside against outside. Many people have seen their political heros bow and crumble before the onslaught of insiderdom, while others have emerged from the most unlikely of places. This bill is bad policy, bad politics and bad economics.

It is predicated on a lie, a lie that this one picture exposes. This is not a crisis of confidence, but a failure of management. The way to fix this crisis is not by trying to bribe the banks to keep lending, but to understand why they are not lending overnight. What does this picture mean? I will explain, but a bit of background first.

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