Frequently asked questions

We want to be sure that all our subscribers receive their copies in good time and good condition. Please contact us with any questions or problems not answered on this page!

When does Dollars & Sense come out?
Dollars & Sense is published six times a year, and is normally mailed out in the first week of the first month of the date of issue. Any new subscription received by the middle of the previous month will begin with the immediately following month's issue. Postage and handling costs make it impossible for us to backdate subscriptions, but we can supply back issues for $5.00 each, prepaid.
How do I know if my subscription is about to expire?
We give our subscribers plenty of advance warning. You will receive your first notice two to three months before your final issue is mailed out. For example: if your sub expires with the July-August issue, you will get your first notice in March. Renewal notices are mailed on a monthly basis and may cross your payments in the mail. If you receive a reminder soon after you've paid, you should disregard it. (But if you keep getting notices, your payment may have gone astray - in that case, notify us by sending email to , or calling us at 617-447-2177)
Do you sell my name to other organizations?
We occasionally make our subscription list available to select organizations whose products or services may interest our readers. No one is allowed to use our list without our approval. If you do not want your name to be released in this way, please tell us, and we'll delete it from the lists that we make available.
I moved and my mail wasn't forwarded: can I get the issues I missed?
Yes, we're happy to send missed issues, even if the Post Office was to blame! We want you to get ALL the issues of your subscription: just send an email to , to let us know which issues you missed. Remember that the postal service won't automatically notify us that you've moved - send along your change of address form as soon as you can.
I'm a student: can I get a subscription at a discount rate?
Yes, student subscriptions are available for $15 per year. Order by phone at 617-447-2177.
I've ordered a gift subscription: will the recipient be notified?
Yes - we send out a gift card announcing your gift and telling the recipient when to expect the first issue. As with regular subscriptions, gift subs begin with the next published issue after your order is received.