How to submit an article

(and get it published)

Dollars & Sense is a progressive economics magazine that explains in a popular way both the workings of the economy and struggles to change it. Articles may be on any economic issue, including the environment, community organizing, urban conflict, inflation, unemployment, union reform, welfare, changes in government regulation... a broad range of topics, as long as the article has an economic theme.

Our readers include students, community activists, organizers, labor leaders, environmentalists, economists and many others. In most cases, articles are geared to a high school reading level.

Get to know us before you submit! Read samples of articles in our archives.

Formats & Lengths

(1500 to 3000 words): In-depth articles on broad range of topics.
Active Culture
(250 to 400 words): Briefs on activism—a shareholder campaign, union victory, etc.
(700 words): Coverage of recent books, movies and other media.
(length varies): Contact our editors for information.


We request queries, which may be accompanied by a more detailed proposal or outline; we do not suggest sending complete drafts. Deadlines are approximately three months prior to the issue date. Since your proposal will go to our Editorial Collective, which meets monthly, please expect several months between your submission and our response.

You can send submissions to Editors, Dollars & Sense, 95 Berkeley Street, Suite 305, Boston, MA 02116, but we prefer if you .