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If your favorite bookstore doesn't already carry Dollars & Sense, urge them to order D&S from Disticor Magazine Distribution Services.

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Another way to get Dollars & Sense's ideas into your library is by giving them a set of our books. Please contact us for more information.

Tell us about organizations that could use Dollars & Sense in their work.
James Tracy of the San Francisco Community Land Trust writes that he uses Dollars & Sense as

a community organizing tool. ...The articles ... break down complicated issues in ... terms that everyone can understand. Dollars & Sense has been useful in communicating with both community members and policy makers. In fact, the article on the efforts of Burlington's Community Land Trust was useful in our recent successful lobbying campaign for affordable housing money in San Francisco.

We will ship back issues to any organization that can use them to advocate for economic justice.

Distribute back issues.
Single issues of the magazine are just $5 per issue. But if you'd like to help promote Dollars & Sense, we'll give you some free back issues, if you can give them to your friends, leave them in coffee shops and waiting rooms, put them in mailboxes, or hand them out at demonstrations and other events. Please contact us for more information.

Host a house party.
Invite your friends over and tell them about Dollars & Sense. You can start an enlightening conversation with a back issue that covers a topic of particular interest to you and your guests. Or read a Dollars & Sense book with your book club or discussion group.

Read Dollars & Sense on public transportation.
If your neighbor starts reading over your shoulder, offer them your copy. (We'll gladly send you a replacement!)

Let us know what you're doing.
Please let us know how you're telling others about Dollars & Sense. Maybe we can adopt your ideas and help other people get the word out about D&S's useful economic analysis.

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