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Date of publication:
June 2022

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  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Perspectives on Macroeconomic Theory
    • Introduction
    • 1.1 How the Coronavirus Crisis Became an Economic Crisis Alejandro Reuss
    • 1.2 Labor and the Economic Impacts of the Covid-19 Crisis Alejandro Reuss
    • 1.3 What's Wrong with Neoliberalism? Robert Pollin
    • 1.4 Opening Pandora’s Box: The Basics of Marxist Economics Alejandro Reuss
    • 1.5 Sharing the Wealth of the Commons Peter Barnes
  • Chapter 2: Macroeconomic Measurement
    • Introduction
    • 2.1 What Does It Mean to Be "Better Off"? Zoe Sherman
    • 2.2 GDP and Its Discontents Alejandro Reuss
    • 2.3 Measuring Economic Development Alejandro Reuss
    • 2.4 A Care Theory of Value Nancy Folbre
    • 2.5 Undercounting the Poor Jeannette Wicks-Lim
    • 2.6 Traditional Measures of Unemployment Are Missing the Mark Mark Paul
    • 2.7 Corporate Profits Have Contributed Disproportionately to Inflation Josh Bivens
  • Chapter 3: Economic Growth and Business Cycles
    • Introduction
    • 3.1 Dating the Recession John Miller
    • 3.2 Growth, Growth, Growth: What Will Happen? Arthur MacEwan
    • 3.3 A Future for Growth—If We Choose It? Gerald Friedman
    • 3.4 Growing Together, Flying Apart Gerald Friedman
  • Chapter 4: Unemployment and Inflation
    • Introduction
    • 4.1 The Great Resignation and the Labor Shortage John Miller
    • 4.2 The "Natural Rate" of Unemployment Robert Pollin
    • 4.3 The Relation of Unemployment to Inflation Ramaa Vasudevan
    • 4.4 What Would Full Employment Cost? Arthur MacEwan
    • 4.5 The Fight for $20 and a Union Martin J. Bennett
    • 4.6 Keynes, Wage and Price “Stickiness,” and Deflation Alejandro Reuss
    • 4.7 The Price Increases That Matter for the Poor Jayati Ghosh
  • Chapter 5: Wealth, Inequality, and Poverty
    • Introduction
    • 5.1 Pundits Claim Fighting Inequality Is Bad for Low-Wage WorkersJohn Miller
    • 5.2 Geese, Golden Eggs, and Traps: Why Inequality is Bad for the Economy Chris Tilly
    • 5.3 Do People Care About Extreme Inequality? Arthur MacEwan
    • 5.4 Fifty Years After the Kerner Commission Janelle Jones, John Schmitt, and Valerie Wilson
    • 5.8 Inequality, Sunk Costs, and Climate Justice Frank Ackerman
    • 5.9 Rich Jerks In Space Dean Baker
    • 5.10 Current Employment and Wage Conditions Ed Ford
  • Chapter 6: Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Austerity
    • Introduction
    • 6.1 The Coronavirus Consensus: "Spend, Spend, Spend" Gerald Epstein
    • 6.2 State and Local Austerity Amanda Page-Hoongrajok
    • 6.3 Fiscal Policy and “Crowding Out” Alejandro Reuss
    • 6.4 Police Violence Is Enabled by “Liberal” Politicians’ Massive Spending Sonali Kolhatkar
    • 6.5 Corporate Taxes: Less, Less, and Less Arthur MacEwan
    • 6.6 Reform of Global Taxation Cannot Wait Jayati Ghosh
  • Chapter 7: Money and Monetary Policy
    • Introduction
    • 7.1 The New Tools of the Fed John Miller
    • 7.2 The Fed and the Coronavirus Crisis Gerald Epstein and John Miller
    • 7.3 The Fed and the Racial Wealth Gap John Miller
    • 7.4 It's Time to Ditch "Pay-for" Politics Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray
    • 7.5 What Is Money? Doug Orr
    • 7.6 Cryptocurrency Will Not Liberate Us Hadas Thier
    • 7.7 Pushing on Strings Gerald Friedman
    • 7.8 Keynes and the Limits of Monetary Policy Alejandro Reuss
    • 7.9 Dollar Dominance Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 8: Finance, Savings, and Investment
    • Introduction
    • 8.1 Financialization: A Primer Ramaa Vasudevan
    • 8.2 From “Boring” Banking to “Roaring” Banking An Interview with Gerald Epstein
    • 8.3 Corporate Bankers Wary of Public Banking Rick Girling
    • 8.4 Concentration of Stock Ownership Ed Ford
    • 8.5 Stock Buybacks: Any Positive Outcome? Arthur MacEwan
    • 8.6 Is "Short-Selling" Bad for the Economy? Arthur MacEwan
    • 8.7 Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble Alejandro Reuss
    • 8.8 We’re All Minskyites Now Robert Pollin
    • 8.9 Why Is Student Debt Cancelation Such a Big Deal? Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 9: The Global Economy
    • Introduction
    • 9.1 The Pandemic and the Global Economy Jayati Ghosh
    • 9.2 Neoliberalism and Neocolonialism Jayati Ghosh
    • 9.3 The Gospel of Free Trade: The New Evangelists Arthur MacEwan
    • 9.4 The Globalization Clock Thomas Palley
    • 9.5 Does U.S. Prosperity Depend on Exploitation? Arthur MacEwan
    • 9.6 Confronting Neoliberalism at Last: Power vs. Policy in Gabriel Boric's Chile James M. Cypher
    • 9.7 Stringent, Stingy, and Severe: The Covid-19 Crisis in Modi's India Smriti Rao
  • Chapter 10: Resistance and Alternatives
    • Introduction
    • 10.1 Solidarity Beyond the Crisis Francisco Pérez and Luis Feliz Leon
    • 10.2 Bigger Than Amazon: Why Nonprofit Worker Unionizing Matters Robert Ovetz
    • 10.3 Leveraging Financial Markets for Social Justice Doug Orr
    • 10.4 Climate Change, Social Justice, and the Green New Deal Arthur MacEwan
    • 10.5 International Labor Standards Arthur MacEwan
    • 10.6 Land Reform: A Precondition for Sustainable Economic Development Jawied Nawabi
    • 10.7 India’s Farmers’ Protests Sirisha Naidu
  • Contributors