Real World Macro

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Date of publication:
May 2024

Real World Macro is a lively, thought-provoking supplement to introductory and intermediate macroeconomics textbooks. The new 41st edition asks the big questions that standard textbooks try to avoid: What’s so great about growth? Is unemployment natural? Why should inequality matter?

Along with covering the basics—monetary and fiscal policy, productivity and investment, inflation, and unemployment—Real World Macro also includes new articles on increasing inequality, artificial intelligence, and student debt. Chapter introductions summarize the themes examined in each article, and discussion questions help students relate macroeconomic theories to the latest real-world issues. Real World Macro’s engaging articles are drawn from the pages of Dollars & Sense, the leading magazine of popular economics.

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"The principles of economics books (yes, even mine) tend to be on the dull side and leave aspects of the economy and economics unchallenged. Real World Micro and Macro can spice up your course and lead students to ask the type of questions they should be asking." —DAVID COLANDER, Middlebury College

"Real World Macro’s topical applications of macroeconomic analysis provide the clear, condensed critical perspective lacking in most macroeconomics texts." —RICHARD D. WOLFF, University of Massachusetts, Amherst