Current Economic Issues

Edited by James M. Cypher, Robert Larson, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective

current economic issues cover
Date of publication:
December 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic tipped an already-faltering U.S. economy into a deep recession in 2020, and since then recovery from the resulting crisis has been uneven, with turmoil in labor markets, signs of inflation, and supply-chain problems. The 26th edition of Current Economic Issues offers progressive perspectives on the coronavirus crisis and its aftermath and other major economic issues of the day, in the United States and around the world.

This thoroughly revised edition covers key controversies—the state of the macroeconomy, fiscal policy and taxation, banking and finance, the social-welfare state, environmental protection, labor and unions, economic inequality, corporations, and the changing global economy. This new edition includes thorough coverage of the coronavirus crisis and its aftermath, including articles on the inflation, turmoil in the labor market, and inequality in the crisis. This edition also covers the global economy, with articles on SWIFT and the U.S. dollar, inflation in Europe, and how so-called “free trade” agreements are weaponized.

Current Economic Issues’ distinguished contributors include Frank Ackerman, Dean Baker, James M. Cypher, Jayati Ghosh, Rob Larson, John Miller, Ellen Mutari, and many others. This book is an invaluable tool for understanding the main economic problems of today and contending policy proposals to address them.

The articles in Current Economic Issues are unique in their ability to draw on both passion and intellect from students of all political persuasions.” —DAVID E. KAUN, University of California–Santa Cruz