Current Economic Issues

Edited by James M. Cypher, Robert Larson, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective

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Date of publication:
December 2023

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  • Chapter 1—The Post-Pandemic Economy
    • 1.1. The Fed's 2% Inflation Target John Miller
    • 1.2 The Inflation Reality and the Attack on Wages Arthur MacEwan
    • 1.3 Powell's Interest Rate Reflex When Workers Flex Power Kalena Thomhave
    • 1.4 How to Ignore Childhood Poverty Without Having to Say You’re Sorry John Miller
    • 1.5 A Quick Tour of the Latest Survey of Consumer Finances Bill Barclay
  • Chapter 2—Fiscal Policy
    • 2.1 Two "Bad" Tax Ideas Are Better Than One John Miller
    • 2.2 Taxing Corporations Is Infrastructure John Miller
    • 2.3 Majority Checked: The IRA and the Constitution Robert Ovetz
    • 2.4 The Fiscal Crisis of the State? Gerald Friedman
    • 2.5 The Myth of Millionaire Tax Migration John Miller
  • Chapter 3—Money, Banking, and Finance
    • 3.1 The New Tools of the Fed John Miller
    • 3.2 Concentration of Stock Ownership Ed Ford
    • 3.3 Selling Out Workers and Retirees to Their Financial Advisors John Miller
    • 3.4 Is “MMT” an Answer for the United States? For Greece? Arthur MacEwan
    • 3.5 Silicon Valley Fractures James M. Cypher
  • Chapter 4—Social Policy
    • 4.1 Why Is Student Debt Cancelation Such a Big Deal? Arthur MacEwan
    • 4.2 U.S. Health Care: High Costs, Low Quality Maria Pita de Abreu
    • 4.3 Economic Inequality and Homelessness Arthur MacEwan
    • 4.4 Why Prison Education Matters Tyler Bowman
    • 4.5 Social Security and Inequality Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 5—The Environment
    • 5.1 Can We Afford a Stable Climate? Frank Ackerman
    • 5.2 Why the Climate Crisis is Also the Crisis of Capitalism Ying Chen and Güney Işikara
    • 5.3 Nuclear Power Will Not Solve the Climate Crisis Robert Pollin
    • 5.4 Facing Up to Climate Hell John Miller
    • 5.5 Climate Change and Inequality Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 6—Corporations
    • 6.1 Monopoly Power Everywhere Armağan Gezici
    • 6.2 Corporate Taxes: Less, Less, and Less Arthur MacEwan
    • 6.3 How 'Big Oil' Works the System and Keeps Winning Naomi Orsekes and Jeff Nesbit
    • 6.4 The Landlord Lobby Fights Dirty Sam Knight
    • 6.5 Control the Vampire Companies Jayati Ghosh
  • Chapter 7—Labor, Unions, and Working Conditions
    • 7.1 Will There Be a Just Transition to Electric Vehicles? Nick French
    • 7.2 Battling Starbucks Saurav Sarkar
    • 7.3 Wage Theft as a Business Model Saurav Sarkar
    • 7.4 AI and the Future of Work Rober Ovetz
    • 7.5 Putting Children to work John Miller
  • Chapter 8— Inequality
    • 8.1 Inequality and the Structure of Markets Arthur MacEwan
    • 8.2 Pay No Attention to the Inequality Behind the Curtain John Miller
    • 8.3 Power, Wages, and Inequalty: All in a Government Report! Arthur MacEwan
    • 8.4 Death and Inequality Arthur MacEwan
    • 8.5 Stop Stock Buybacks! Erika Wills
  • Chapter 9— Gender, Race, and Class
    • 9.1 Who Can Afford to Have Kids, Anyway? Débora Nunes
    • 9.2 #MeToo in the Hospitality Sector Ellen Mutari
    • 9.3 The Fed and the Racial Wealth Gap John Miller
    • 9.4 The Economic Conditions of Black People in the United States Arthur MacEwan
    • 9.5 Race Inequality, Class Inequality Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 10—The Global Economy
    • 10.1 Globalization in Crisis John Miller
    • 10.2 The Whole World Debt Crisis Sasha Breger Bush
    • 10.3 SWIFT, the U.S. Dollar, and the Global Political Economy of Trade Bill Barclay
    • 10.4 Weaponizing Free Trade Agreements Anis Chwdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram
    • 10.5 Brewing Inequality: How the Global Tea Industry Works Saurav Sarkar
  • Chapter 11—Resistance and Alternatives
    • 11.1 Finance in the Public Interest Nicole Levy and Deborah M. Figart
    • 11.2 Making Carbon Visible to Investors (and Us!) Doug Orr
    • 11.3 Police Violence Is Enabled by Massive Spending Sonali Kolhatkar
    • 11.4 “Migration Is a Form of Fighting Back” David Bacon
    • 11.5 The Potential of Tax Reform in Latin America C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh
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