We’re Hiring!

Fundraising and Circulation Coordinator

Economic Affairs Bureau, Inc., d/b/a Dollars & Sense

We seek to hire a 20-hour-a-week Fundraising and Circulation Coordinator for our small, 501c3 nonprofit publishing company. Economic Affairs Bureau, Inc., publishes the 50-year-old economic justice magazine Dollars & Sense, the “Real World” series of college-level economics readers, and the Dollars & Sense website. Our mission is to support social change by providing highly accessible reporting and analysis from a left perspective on the U.S. and global economic issues and organizing. We are cooperatively run, with three paid staff editors, all of whom participate in running the business side of the organization; we also have a volunteer editorial collective, and a small nonprofit board of directors. All staff members work remotely.

Primary duties: The main duties of the position are fundraising appeals and donor engagement, magazine circulation, and magazine and book marketing. This position will be expected to take the lead on driving new revenue from these three sources, with support from the three staff editors, the editorial collective, and board of directors.

Shared duties: All staff members contribute to the non-editorial tasks involved with running the business side of the organization Dollars & Sense, including office duties (such as answering phones), processing book orders, managing subscriptions, carrying out fundraising activities, and contributing to financial management. All staffers democratically oversee colleagues at weekly staff meetings and report to the board of directors. The Fundraising and Circulation Coordinator will actively contribute to the running of Dollars & Sense the organization by taking on some, but not all, of the aspects of the business operations listed above.

Skills and qualifications: Some college experience required. Also required: experience in grassroots fundraising or development, database management, outreach, promotion, and marketing; interest in and experience with left/progressive media and politics; and the ability to work responsibly in a cooperative, nonhierarchical environment. Graphic design experience (e.g., InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, or InDesign) a plus, as are web design skills (e.g., WordPress or html), and experience with online CRM database management (e.g., CiviCRM). Experience working in a nonprofit is also a plus.

Compensation and benefits: Annual salary of $31,200; prorated health and dental benefits (or reimbursement for premium); paid holidays, four weeks’ paid vacation, and paid sick/personal days; flexible work schedule.

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to: dollars-at-dollarsandsense.org with the subject line: Fundraising and Circulation Coordinator Job. Your cover letter should say what experience and skills you would bring to this position and why you would like to work at Dollars & Sense. Applications should be submitted by June 1 for an anticipated start date of July 1.