The Coronavirus Crisis Reader, 2nd ed.

Edited by Gerald Friedman, Elizabeth T. Henderson, Abhilasha Srivastava, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective

coronavirus crisis reader cover
Date of publication:
August 2021

  • Chapter 1—Origins And Contours of The Crisis
    • 1.1 Coronavirus: A Capitalist Crisis Richard D. Wolff
    • 1.2 The Trump Administration Was Ruining the Pre-Covid-19 Economy Too, Just More Slowly Josh Bivens
    • 1.3 Covid-19 and Catastrophe Capitalism John Bellamy Foster and Intan Suwandi, as edited by the Dollars & Sense collective
    • 1.4 Disaster Capitalism and Covid-19 Bryan Snyder
    • 1.5 The Stock Market and the Coronavirus Crisis John Miller
    • 1.6 Caring by the Dollar: Nursing Homes, Private Equity, and Covid-19 Bill Barclay
  • Chapter 2—Coronavirus, Capitalism, and the Workers’ Movement
    • 2.1 Not Simply a “Natural Disaster” Alejandro Reuss
    • 2.2 How the Coronavirus Crisis Became an Economic Crisis Alejandro Reuss
    • 2.3 How Inequality Kills, and How to Fight It in the Era of Covid-19 Alejandro Reuss
  • Chapter 3—Global Responses to the Crisis
    • 3.1 The Pandemic and the Global Economy Jayati Ghosh
    • 3.2 Are Governments Economically Stupid in Failing to Suspend Patent Protections for Vaccines? Arthur MacEwan
    • 3.3 Stringent, Stingy, and Severe: The Covid-19 Crisis in Modi’ s India Smriti Rao
    • 3.4 Essential—and Expendable—Mexican Labor Mateo Crossa and James M. Cypher
    • 3.5 Responding to Covid-19: A Review of Cuba’ s Strategy Zaeem Hassan Mehmood
    • 3.6 Community Infrastructure and the Care Crises: An Evaluation of China's Covid-19 Experience Ying Chen, Zhongjin Li, and Yang Zhan
  • Chapter 4—Work, Wages, and Unemployment in the Pandemic
    • 4.1 Unemployment Insurance: A Safety Net with Holes Alejandro Reuss
    • 4.2 Actual Effects of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits John Miller
    • 4.3 Covid-19 Destroyed the Illusions of the Restaurant Industry Eoin Higgins
    • 4.5 “Hero Pay” and Covid-19 David McClough
    • 4.6 Guaranteed Employment or Guaranteed Unemployment—Which Path to a Post-Pandemic World? Pavlina R. Tcherneva
  • Chapter 5—Policy Responses to the Crisis
    • 5.1 The Coronavirus Consensus: “Spend, Spend, Spend” Gerald Epstein
    • 5.2 It’ s Time to Ditch “Pay-For” Politics Yeva Nersisian and L. Randall Wray
    • 5.3 The Fed’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis Esra Uğurlu and Gerald Epstein
    • 5.4 State and Local Fiscal Austerity Amanda Page-Hoongrajok
    • 5.5 Pandemic Mail Christy Pottroff
    • 5.6 Solidarity Beyond the Crisis Francisco Pérez and Luis Feliz Leon
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