Unlevel Playing Fields

Understanding Wage Inequality and Discrimination

By Randy Albelda and Robert Drago

unlevel playing fields cover
Date of publication:
August 2013

Unlevel Playing Fields is an exceptionally accessible, one-volume introduction to wage inequality and discrimination in the United States labor market. The authors contrast two economic theories—neoclassical and political economy—and show how each theory explains labor market inequalities. The authors also offer bold policy proposals to rectify these inequalities. The thoroughly updated fourth edition includes more than 50 years of employment trends and data.

Praise for Unlevel Playing Fields:

"I used this book as part of a course on poverty and discrimination. The students love it. Many have said it is the best economics book they have ever read."
— Doug Orr, Professor of Economics, City College of San Francisco

"Unlevel Playing Fields is a great text for introductory-level students. It is very successful in giving students the necessary analytical tools for grappling with important debates about racial and gender wage gaps, labor market discrimination, and affirmative action policies. It is an excellent book to teach from, since the theory is so well presented and it is always grounded in real world issues."
— Carole Biewener, Simmons College

"Unlevel Playing Fields is an excellent, accessible theoretical survey of the economic analysis of race and gender for students with a wide range of backgrounds in economics, including those with no exposure to economics at all. I recommend it very highly."
— Mary King, Portland State University