Real World Banking and Finance

Edited by Bill Barclay, Doug Orr, Mechthild Schrooten, Chris Sturr,
John Summa, and the Dollars & Sense Collective

real world banking cover
Date of publication:
August 2022 | NOW AVAILABLE!

What is money? Who controls the Fed? How does the stock market work? What is a bailout? What are hedge funds and private-equity firms? What are the causes and consequences of exchange-rate fluctuations? Real World Banking and Finance provides lively answers to these important questions. This clearly written, carefully researched anthology is an excellent supplementary text for introductory courses on money and banking.

Real World Banking and Finance helps students understand interest rates, the stock and bond markets, currencies and exchange rates, global financial institutions, retirement finance, mortgages and the housing market, regulatory reform, and much more.

The thoroughly updated eighth edition includes brand-new articles on cryptocurrencies, the Fed's response to the coronavirus crisis, the movement for public banking, a primer on financial derivatives, and much more.

"I thoroughly enjoy using Real World Banking in class. The readings allow students to critically appraise the conventional wisdom and traditionally sacrosanct institutions such as the Fed and the 'free market.'"
Kurt Keiser, School of Business, Adams State College