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How Colonies Can Liberate Themselves by Taxing Real Estate

Polly Cleveland , May 2, 2018
By Polly Cleveland Greece, Haiti, and Puerto Rico have something important in common: they are colonies. Puerto Rico started out…

Our March/April Issue Is Out!

Chris Sturr , March 10, 2016
We sent our March/April 2016 issue to e-subscribers last week, and the print copies are now arriving in print subscribers’…

Links: SEC and CEOs, Greece, Mexico, Trump, Salaita

Chris Sturr , August 11, 2015
  (1) Greece: In addition to the great video by Alicé Anil embedded above (well worth watching; includes clips with Krugman, Stiglitz, and…

Links on Cops, Wage Stagnation, Phil Gramm, etc.

Chris Sturr , July 29, 2015
(1) Cops:  I just posted Kristian Williams’ article in our current issue, Poverty Crime, Privileged Crime: Policing and Economic Inequality.  You…

Report from Greece, plus more links on Greece

Chris Sturr , July 16, 2015
(1) When Greece Bailed Out Germany: Via Portside, the image above was the “poster of the week” recently from the Center…

Latest Greece Links

Chris Sturr , July 13, 2015
Greek referendum 2015: demonstration for voting NO at Syntagma square, Athens Greece. Wikimedia Commons, author Ggia, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike…

Report from Greece; Links on Greece

Chris Sturr , July 4, 2015
Links to good pieces on tomorrow’s Yes/No referendum in Greece: Yanis Varoufakis (Greece’s finance minister), from his blog, Why we recommend…

Greece and TINA: Syriza Igniting Debates

Mike-Frank Epitropoulos , February 11, 2015
Margaret Thatcher coined the radical neo-liberal slogan/mantra, “There Is No Alternative”—what most of us know as, “TINA.” Naomi Klein brilliantly…

Links on Yanis Varoufakis

Chris Sturr , January 31, 2015
One of the exciting things about the new SYRIZA government in Greece is that the new finance minister is Yanis…

Links: SYRIZA, SOTU, etc.

Chris Sturr , January 24, 2015
(1) Greek elections:  We just posted an article by Mike-Frank Epitropoulos on tomorrow’s elections in Greece, and what a SYRIZA…

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