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Latest links on Friedman/Sanders, etc.

Chris Sturr , March 4, 2016
More posts related to the kerfuffle over our columnist Gerald Friedman’s report WHAT WOULD SANDERS DO? ESTIMATING THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF…

Yet More Links on Friedman-Sanders Kerfuffle

Chris Sturr , February 28, 2016
Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer, Senator Sanders’s Proposed Policies and Economic Growth.  Finally, one of the “Gang of…

Links on the Kerfuffle about Friedman’s Sanders Analysis

Chris Sturr , February 19, 2016
There’s been quite a fuss about our columnist Jerry Friedman’s analysis of the macroeconomic effects that implementation of all of…

Links: SEC and CEOs, Greece, Mexico, Trump, Salaita

Chris Sturr , August 11, 2015
  (1) Greece: In addition to the great video by Alicé Anil embedded above (well worth watching; includes clips with Krugman, Stiglitz, and…

Latest Greece Links

Chris Sturr , July 13, 2015
Greek referendum 2015: demonstration for voting NO at Syntagma square, Athens Greece. Wikimedia Commons, author Ggia, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike…

Thursday Links: Buffett, Chicago/Illinois, Atlanta Teachers

Chris Sturr , April 9, 2015
Here are today’s topics, in no particular order: (1) Warren Buffett, the Greedy Grandfather of Omaha:  Joe Nocera had a…

Links on Yanis Varoufakis

Chris Sturr , January 31, 2015
One of the exciting things about the new SYRIZA government in Greece is that the new finance minister is Yanis…

Wednesday Links

Chris Sturr , January 7, 2015
Here are some items I’ve been meaning to post: (1) ASSA Protests:  My last post mentioned the planned protests at…

Climate March Links: Industrial Policy!

Chris Sturr , September 19, 2014
A few items in advance of this weekend’s Climate March in NYC: (1) Ron Baiman of the Chicago Political Economy…

Friday Links: Gaza, Ferguson, Argentina, and unemployment

Chris Sturr , August 22, 2014
(1) Max Blumenthal, interviewed on Jung & Naiv.  An excellent interview with Max Blumenthal, contextualizing the assault on Gaza in…

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