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Month: September 2013

Cruz and Goldman Sachs, Pew and Pensions, etc.

Chris Sturr , September 30, 2013
  (1) Ted Cruz and Goldman Sachs:  Hat-tip to TM–apparently Ted Cruz, who is fulminating and filibustering against Obamacare, and…

Dutch King Declares End of Welfare State

Marjolein van der Veen , September 23, 2013
When we found out (hat-tip Seth G.) that Willem-Alexander, king of Holland since only April 30 of this year, had…

Taxing Carbon is Like Taxing Diamonds

By Polly Cleveland , September 17, 2013
To reduce carbon emissions, we must tax fossil fuels—but, say the pundits, we can’t do so because the tax would…

Annual Labor Issue Posted

Chris Sturr , September 13, 2013
We are finally done (mostly) with our September/October issue.  (We won’t be sending it to e-subscribers until Monday.)  It’s our…

Commemorating Chile’s Unidad Popular

By Alejandro Reuss , September 11, 2013
Today, many Chileans—and many sympathizers from around the world—will commemorate and mourn the 40th anniversary of the 1973 military coup.…

Labor Day Roundup

Chris Sturr , September 2, 2013
  A few links for Labor Day (but for the real labor day, see our May Day post): Look for…

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