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Month: October 2012

Yves Smith on The Finance-led Counterrevolution and the Rush to Destroy the Safety Net

Polly Cleveland , October 30, 2012
Yves Smith has said it better than I could in her blog, Naked Capitalism: “My sense is that the widespread…

Grapes of Wrath, Indeed.

Alejandro Reuss , October 26, 2012
In last week’s New York Times Magazine, columnist Chuck Klosterman (“The Ethicist”) answered a reader question that started out about…

Can’t take the Reds out of the Red Line

Alejandro Reuss , October 19, 2012
This picture is from the Red Line (one of the lines in the Boston area subway system, known as the…

Homelessness Marathon, this Sunday, 10am-5pm

Chris Sturr , October 19, 2012
We received this email from our friend Jeremy Alderson, founder and host of an excellent annual radio program, the Homelessness…

Screenings of Co-op documentary Shift Change; misc.

Chris Sturr , October 17, 2012
(1) Shiftchange:  Via our former book editor, Dan Fireside (now at Equal Exchange) and others,  a new documentary about worker-owned…

Problems with the D&S Blog–Fixed!

Chris Sturr , October 16, 2012
[Update–I restored the missing blog posts!  Original posts start tomorrow, I promise! –Chris Sturr] Dear D&S blog readers, According to…

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