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Month: August 2012

Repost: Mitt’s Tax Havens; Ferguson and Zakaria

Chris Sturr , August 28, 2012
  (1) The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus:  Hat-tip to our cartoonist Barry Deutsch for sending me a link to…

Repost: Assange, Ryan, Eurozone, etc.

Chris Sturr , August 17, 2012
  (1) Lindsay Lohan and the Tsunami:  D&S collective member Bryan Snyder begged me to use Linday Lohan’s mugshot on…

Repost: Libor, Swaps, and the Inherently Political Nature of Interest Rates

Chris Sturr , August 3, 2012
A guest post from Darwin BondGraham, author of our May/June 2012 cover article on interest-rate swaps. There’s a comment on…

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