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Month: July 2011

Debt Ceiling, Prisoners, Norway, etc.

Chris Sturr , July 29, 2011
(1) Fortress Europe and Europeans Against Multiculturalism: A couple of links relevant to the atrocious attack last Friday in Norway,…

Weisbrot and Epitropoulos on Greece

Chris Sturr , July 22, 2011
A Call from Mike-Frank Epitropoulos: Mike Epitropoulos, author of Greece as a Demonstration Project (Dollars & Sense, May/June 2010) called…

Murdoch, Gang of Six, etc.

Chris Sturr , July 20, 2011
(1) Laffer’s Latest Curve-ball: Subscriber Kris W. alerted us that the dumb op-ed Arthur Laffer co-wrote for the WSJ a…

Purloined Trillions, etc.

Chris Sturr , July 11, 2011
(1) Thanks! It looks like we got a bunch of orders and donations after my last blog post (Shameless Plugs). …

Shameless Plugs

Chris Sturr , July 8, 2011
(1) Cover Article All Over the Internets: The news aggregators have been going to town with the cover article for…

New Issue! Plus, various items

Chris Sturr , July 1, 2011
(1) Our July/August issue is out! E-subscribers got their copies yesterday, and print copies have been shipped to subscribers and…

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