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Month: June 2009

Systemic Fear and Forward-Looking Finance

Chris Sturr , June 12, 2009
We have just posted the next installment of Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan‘s “Contours of Crisis” article series: Systemic Fear…

Real Unemployment Rate Now 16.4%

Chris Sturr , June 10, 2009
We just posted John Miller’s article on the real unemployment rate—adjusted to include involuntarily part-time workers and “discouraged” workers. The…

Collaborative Medicine

Chris Sturr , June 10, 2009
In the June 1 issue of the New Yorker, Dr. Atul Gawande investigates “The Cost Conundrum”: why some cities in…

Congress Helped Banks Defang Key Rule

Chris Sturr , June 9, 2009
From the WSJ last week; hat-tip to Michael Perelman. Susan Pulliam and Tom McGinty | 3 June | p. A…

Analysis of Indian Election Results

Chris Sturr , June 9, 2009
From D&S collective member Smriti Rao; I am posting this belatedly: India-watchers across the world celebrated the unexpectedly strong victory…

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Chrysler Sale

Chris Sturr , June 8, 2009
Ruth Bader Ginsburg put a hold on the Chrysler bankruptcy deal, potentially undermining the deal that would sell Chrysler assets…

Latino Jobless Rate Jumps To 12.7% In May

Chris Sturr , June 5, 2009
A summary of today’s BLS report from Bob Feldman: The official “seasonally adjusted” unemployment rate for Latino workers in the…

Michael Perelman's Iraq Peace Plan

Chris Sturr , June 4, 2009
Recently posted to lbo-talk: I’m not much of a fan of Milton Friedman, but he once offered a veryinteresting suggestion…

Grand Theft Auto (Greg Palast)

Chris Sturr , June 4, 2009
Greg Palast’s take on the GM bankruptcy: Grand Theft Auto: How Stevie the Rat bankrupted GM by Greg PalastMonday, June…

Geithner Couldn't Sell Home (NY Post)

Chris Sturr , June 3, 2009
From today’s New York Post (and AP): The real estate market’s troubles are hitting close to home for Treasury Secretary…

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