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Month: June 2009

Rebound … in Bankers' Pay

Chris Sturr , June 24, 2009
From the New York Times (6/23): The Times doesn’t say whether or not these figures are inflation-adjusted. But even if…

Two More Items on Reform of Financial Regulation

Chris Sturr , June 23, 2009
Two more items on the Obama administration’s proposed reforms of financial regulation. First, one by William Greider in the Nation:…

Two Views of the Crisis

Chris Sturr , June 23, 2009
A brief, clear comparison from Simon Johnson on the Baseline Scenario blog: There are two views of the global financial…

Two Good Pieces on Global Finance from FPIF

Chris Sturr , June 22, 2009
Two nice relatively new pieces from the good folks at Foreign Policy in Focus. Hat-tip to LF for alerting me…

World Hunger Reaches 1 Billion Mark

Chris Sturr , June 22, 2009
Not because there isn’t enough food—see the last paragraph below. From the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization, as reported by…

TDCotE (xi): Littlle Zakaria Dresses Like Grownup

Chris Sturr , June 20, 2009
The Dull Compulsion of the Economic (xi) A series of blog postings by D&S collective member Larry Peterson Little Zakaria…

CIA Hiring Failed Wall Street Analysts

Chris Sturr , June 19, 2009
According to the Wall Street Journal, the CIA is recruiting out of work financial analysts from Wall Street. Why would…

Plunging State Income Tax Revenues

Chris Sturr , June 19, 2009
An interesting piece from Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis (a blog). States in Deep Trouble Over Plunging Income Tax Revenues…

Some Takes on the Regulatory Overhaul

Chris Sturr , June 19, 2009
Here are some assessments of the Obama administration’s overhaul of financial regulation: In his front-page New York Times article on…

The Business Press MIA Before the Crisis

Chris Sturr , June 18, 2009
From the current Columbia Journalism Review: a detailed review of whether the U.S. business press was paying attention in the…

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