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Month: March 2009

Costs of the Cuba Embargo–to the U.S.

Chris Sturr , March 3, 2009
There was a little bit of Cuba news today; the New York Times has an article about sightings of Fidel…

Prisons: Pew on U.S., Monbiot on U.K.

Chris Sturr , March 3, 2009
Lots of prison news today. On the U.S. prison boom, a new study from the Pew Center on the States,…

The Virtues of Concentration (Doug Henwood)

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2009
From Doug Henwood of Left Business Observer, responding to this op-ed from Saturday’s Times. Relevant to our two most recent…

Revenge of the Glut (Krugman)

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2009
Today’s column from Paul Krugman is quite helpful. The connection he draws at the end with the paradox of thrift…

Lessons from Global Corporate Frauds

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2009
An interesting article by Jayati Ghosh that discusses “control fraud” in a global context, including work by former banking regulator…

Blame the Queen

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2009
Excellent piece from the Guardian about how heterodox approaches to economics were locked out in the UK (the same was…

AIG Chalks Up Biggest Loss Ever, Gets $30B

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2009
From Reuters: AIG enters record books with $61.7 billion lossMon Mar 2, 2009 8:44am ESTNEW YORK (Reuters) American International Group…

TDCotE (vii): Dumb Animals

Chris Sturr , March 1, 2009
The Dull Compulsion if the Economic (vii)A series of posts by D&S collective member Larry PetersonLinks: (1) Peter Gowan‘s New…

California Unemployment Tops 10%

Chris Sturr , March 1, 2009
I wonder if it’s still the world’s fifth-largest economy now. And this surely means Friday’s national employment report will be…

Merkel Rejects Bailout for Eastern Europe

Chris Sturr , March 1, 2009
From The Wall Street Journal: MARCH 1, 2009, 10:54 A.M. ETMerkel Rejects Calls for EU Bailout of Eastern EuropeWALL STREET…

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