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Month: March 2009

The Quiet Coup (Simon Johnson)

Chris Sturr , March 31, 2009
This article, which hypothesizes that an “American financial oligarchy” has (re)emerged and is turning the United States into a Banana…

State-Owned Bank in ND Doing Just Fine

Chris Sturr , March 31, 2009
From Mother Jones. The comment section is worth reading; some debate about whether this is the only state-owned bank in…

Companies Suspending 401(k) Contributions

Chris Sturr , March 31, 2009
From the Financial Times, March 11 (hat-tip to The Automatic Earth). The article notes that the median size of a…

Foreclosure Crisis Far from Over

Chris Sturr , March 31, 2009
Hat-tip to The Automatic Earth blog for this tidbit, from a recent investment fund memo. Although a majority of subprime…

Sen. Webb's Prison Commission

Chris Sturr , March 30, 2009
http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/03/28/webb/ plus other stuff.

WE20–The People's G20

Chris Sturr , March 30, 2009
A press release; hat-tip to Abby S. WE20 – THE PEOPLE’S G20 we20, the people’s answer to the G20 group…

Latin America's Reaction to the Crisis

Chris Sturr , March 30, 2009
The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) has put out a nice summary of the various responses by Latin American governments…

Two Items on Guadeloupe General Strike

Chris Sturr , March 29, 2009
Two items on the recent massive general strike in Guadeloupe. First, from Friday’s Democracy Now!: Labor Victory in Guadeloupe After…

Mike Davis on Socialism on Bill Moyers

Chris Sturr , March 29, 2009
From the folks at SolidarityEconomy.net. Video is probably available somewhere, too. Bill Moyers Talks with Mike Davis on the Economic…

The G20 Summit and Unions

Chris Sturr , March 29, 2009
From a blog I think I hadn’t seen before (hat-tip to LF), Labor Is Not a Commodity. I will add…
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