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Month: December 2006

Save NOLA Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

Chris Sturr , December 21, 2006
The following fact sheet came via an email from Bill Quigley. It has also been posted on justiceforneworleans.org, a website…

Econamici: When Affirmative Action was White, by Ira Katznelson

Chris Sturr , December 19, 2006
Economic historians often refer to the period from World War II to the mid 1970’s as the “Great Compression.” During…

Pinochet and Neoliberalism

Chris Sturr , December 12, 2006
On Monday Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, former dictator of Chile and neoliberal/monetarist reformer, escaped prosecution for his many crimes against the…

We're big in Brussells!

Chris Sturr , December 11, 2006
The European Federation of Employee Shareownership (EFES) has selectedWorker-Owners and Unions: Why Can’t We Just Get Along? from the Sept/Oct…

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