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Month: September 2006

Econamici: Where did The Wealth of Nations come from?

Chris Sturr , September 30, 2006
Adam Smith (1723-1790) published The Wealth of Nations in 1776, also the year of the American Revolution. Both The Wealth…

Economists' Statement Regarding the Need to Raise the Minimum Wage

Chris Sturr , September 27, 2006
The folks at the Economic Policy Institute are gathering signatures from economists in support of an increase in the minimum…

AMI Monetary Reform Conference, Chicago, Sept. 21–24, 2006

Chris Sturr , September 20, 2006
The upcoming issue of Dollars & Sense includes an article on (lack of) transparency at the Federal Reserve by Steven…

Dean Baker responds to David Brooks

Chris Sturr , September 8, 2006
If the latest goofball article by David Brooks on the NYT op-ed page (to add insult to inanity you have…

Read the latest from Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein

Chris Sturr , September 7, 2006
Enjoy the excerpts of Jared Bernstein and Dean Baker’s new books in the Jul/Aug Dollars & Sense? Now you can…

School Choice: A Lesson from New Zealand

Chris Sturr , September 6, 2006
I have long supported school choice–confined to public schools. My son attended primary and middle school in District Three on…

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