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Dollars & Sense, the award-winning economics magazine, and NACLA: Report on the Americas bring you a lively, thought-provoking supplement for classes on modern Latin America and contemporary Latin American issues.

Real World Latin America
NEW! Real World Latin America (2nd ed.) provides a thorough introduction to Latin American politics and economics, the region's changing place in the global economy, the dilemmas of development and sustainability, democracy and dictatorship, labor relations, migration, relations with the United States, and resistance and rebellion.

This timely anthology, bringing together the best recent reporting on the region from Dollars & Sense and NACLA Report on the Americas, offers diverse perspectives on the profound economic and social transformations taking place in Latin America in recent years.

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A "sophisticated yet highly readable" anthology

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Real World Latin America, 2nd edition.
ISBN: 978-1-939402-11-0. List Price: $35.95

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"The editors of Dollars & Sense and NACLA Report on the Americas have done us a great service. This is a timely collection of essays, with sophisticated yet highly readable analysis of the most pressing issues facing Latin America today. The book is ideally suited for undergraduate courses on the region, and will be of interest to a broader readership as well."
—ERIC HERSHBERG, Director, Center for Latin American and Latino Studies, American University

"Real World Latin America is an ideal survey text for introductory Latin American studies courses. The volumes breadth takes into account the regionís vast diversity and deep-seated inequalities along the lines of class, race/ethnicity, and gender. The two well-respected publications from which the collection is drawn, Dollars & Sense and NACLA Report on the Americas, offer critical perspectives informed by their long- standing expertise in the region."
—ELISABETH JAY FRIEDMAN, Latin American Studies, University of San Francisco

"Real World Latin America provides a compelling picture of change, political conflict, and the real stakes involved in the region. It is a valuable guide to the contemporary history of the present, inviting readers to stay tuned for more to come."
—MICHAEL A. COHEN, Director of the Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School

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