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Notes and Links on the Democratic Primaries

Chris Sturr , February 17, 2016
A round-up of some of the best things I’ve seen on the battle so far between Clinton and Sanders: Gerald…

Latest Greece Links

Chris Sturr , July 13, 2015
Greek referendum 2015: demonstration for voting NO at Syntagma square, Athens Greece. Wikimedia Commons, author Ggia, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike…

Wednesday Links

Chris Sturr , January 7, 2015
Here are some items I’ve been meaning to post: (1) ASSA Protests:  My last post mentioned the planned protests at…

Piketty’s Model of Inequality and Growth in Historical Context, Pt 2

Polly Cleveland , July 23, 2014
Part II: The Neoclassical Response to the Classical Theories of Inequality and Growth Mason Gaffney has shown how many individuals…

Piketty’s Model of Inequality and Growth in Historical Context, Pt 1

Polly Cleveland , July 15, 2014
In Thomas Piketty’s doomsday model, slowing of growth in the twenty-first century will cause an inexorable increase in inequality. Piketty…

Monday Links

Chris Sturr , July 7, 2014
I have had a rocky start with my intention to post links every Monday–I missed last week, but I’m picking…

Live-Blogging Piketty: Reading Pt. IV

Steven Pressman , May 29, 2014
To summarize the argument of Capital thus far, Piketty has found that over long stretches of time and in many different countries…

Live-Blogging Piketty: An Interlude (Response to Chris Giles)

Steven Pressman , May 25, 2014
Should We Count Out Piketty Due to Sum Math Errors? While I am here in Paris reading Capital in the…

Live-Blogging Piketty: Reading Pt. III

Steven Pressman , May 24, 2014
Chris Giles and Ferdinando Giugliano raised some concerns about Thomas Piketty’s data in yesterday’s Financial Times. (See Naked Capitalism’s useful post on…

Live-Blogging Piketty: Reading Pt. II

Steven Pressman , May 21, 2014
Capital in the Twenty-First Century Part II  Part II of Capital in the Twenty-First Century focuses on the functional distribution…

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