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On the Neglect of Class in Neoclassical Macroeconomics

Ron Baiman , March 1, 2016
A Response to the Romers’ Critique of Friedman Bernienomics Analysis By Ron Baiman of the Chicago Political Economy Group To…

More Links on Kerfuffle about Friedman’s Sanders Analysis

Chris Sturr , February 22, 2016
Here are more links related to the kerfuffle surrounding our columnist Gerald Friedman’s research paper on the likely macroeconomic effects…

Links on the Kerfuffle about Friedman’s Sanders Analysis

Chris Sturr , February 19, 2016
There’s been quite a fuss about our columnist Jerry Friedman’s analysis of the macroeconomic effects that implementation of all of…

Two Illinois Victories

Chris Sturr , May 27, 2015
Last month (in this post) I blogged about Doug Henwood’s great interview with Jane McAlevey and her comments about billionaire…

Climate March Links: Industrial Policy!

Chris Sturr , September 19, 2014
A few items in advance of this weekend’s Climate March in NYC: (1) Ron Baiman of the Chicago Political Economy…

Friday Links: Gaza, Ferguson, Argentina, and unemployment

Chris Sturr , August 22, 2014
(1) Max Blumenthal, interviewed on Jung & Naiv.  An excellent interview with Max Blumenthal, contextualizing the assault on Gaza in…

Wednesday Links

Chris Sturr , August 13, 2014
(1) Claudia Roth Pierpont, A Raised Voice: How Nina Simone turned the movement into music.  Great piece in the current New Yorker.…

May Day links

Chris Sturr , May 1, 2014
  (1) The Maypole’s Revolutionary Heritage:  Seems like I’m always reading May Day pieces that carefully distinguish May Day the…

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