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The Black-White Wage Gap: How Inequality and Monopoly Amplify Racial Discrimination

Polly Cleveland , July 19, 2021
By Polly Cleveland Following the police killing of George Floyd last year, Howard University professor William Spriggs wrote, “Is now…

Polly Cleveland on Monopoly on The Analysis

Chris Sturr , December 2, 2020
D&S board member and frequent author Polly Cleveland was interviewed by Paul Jay of The Analysis (formerly of The Real News…

Review of “Liberty from All Masters,” by Barry C. Lynn

Polly Cleveland , October 30, 2020
Book Review: Liberty from All Masters by Barry C. Lynn By Polly Cleveland Fifty years ago, my husband and I…

Review of Break ‘Em Up, by Zephyr Teachout

Polly Cleveland , September 18, 2020
Review of Break ‘Em Up by Zephyr Teachout By Polly Cleveland For over twelve years I backed up our three family…

The Democrats Confront Monopoly

Polly Cleveland , November 20, 2017
By Polly Cleveland In the 1970’s when I studied microeconomics in grad school, we got to monopoly briefly in one…

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