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Assessing the UK Electoral Avalanche of December 2019

John Weeks , January 10, 2020
By John Weeks On 12 December the UK Conservative party scored a stunning victory as it buried the opposition in…

Labour Party Leadership:  Fight for Policies Not Souls

John Weeks , July 27, 2016
By John Weeks A Yawning Divide Those following the internal conflict in the UK Labour Party repeatedly read that  it…

Understanding the Corbyn Phenomenon

John Weeks , July 8, 2016
By John Weeks Labour Party Rebellion of 2016 Cross-country political comparisons mislead by creating an illusion of insight.  The attempt…

Alone Now: From Hope to Brexit Despair

By John Weeks , June 28, 2016
By John Weeks A Tale of Two Summers The summer of 2015 brought a spectacularly bright ray of progressive hope…

Tuesday Links: TPP, Corbyn, Sanders, etc.

Chris Sturr , October 6, 2015
Off Guardian (embedded above), Tony Benn speech on the aims of Thatcherite policies.  Via Gaius Publius, via Naked Capitalism, where…

Corbyn Victory; Other election links

Chris Sturr , September 15, 2015
Scott Fullwiler, New Economic Perspectives, Corbynomics 101.  A good piece responding to three critiques of Corbyn’s idea of a “People’s…

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