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The Black-White Wage Gap: How Inequality and Monopoly Amplify Racial Discrimination

Polly Cleveland , July 19, 2021
By Polly Cleveland Following the police killing of George Floyd last year, Howard University professor William Spriggs wrote, “Is now…

New Issue Drops!

Chris Sturr , September 26, 2020
Our September/October issue is at the printers and has been sent to digital subscribers!  Here’s the p. 2 editors’ note:…

From Germany to America: A Dialog on Inequality

Polly Cleveland , June 23, 2018
By Polly Cleveland At a coffee break between sessions at the annual History of Economics Society meeting, I chatted with…

James Galbraith Tells Us What Everyone Needs to Know About Inequality

Polly Cleveland , September 1, 2016
By Polly Cleveland Inequality has surged in the U.S. over the last forty years; many observers now blame the deregulation…

Monday Links

Chris Sturr , July 28, 2014
Just three links this week: (1) Mark Karlin, The End Game of Shutting Off Residential Water in Detroit Is a Likely…

Piketty’s Model of Inequality and Growth in Historical Context, Pt 2

Polly Cleveland , July 23, 2014
Part II: The Neoclassical Response to the Classical Theories of Inequality and Growth Mason Gaffney has shown how many individuals…

Piketty’s Model of Inequality and Growth in Historical Context, Pt 1

Polly Cleveland , July 15, 2014
In Thomas Piketty’s doomsday model, slowing of growth in the twenty-first century will cause an inexorable increase in inequality. Piketty…

Report on Working Families Summit, Plus One More Link

Chris Sturr , June 26, 2014
(1) Tim Koechlin, “Inequality and the Case for Unions.”  In my Monday Links post, I meant to include this excellent…

Live-Blogging Piketty: Reading Pt. IV

Steven Pressman , May 29, 2014
To summarize the argument of Capital thus far, Piketty has found that over long stretches of time and in many different countries…

Live-Blogging Piketty: Reading the Book (Pt. 1)

Steven Pressman , May 17, 2014
More at The Real News   Above is a half-hour-long video from The Real News Network of an interview our…

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