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New Issue! Plus: Regional economic disparities and Hillary Clinton’s Unfortunate Remarks

Chris Sturr , March 15, 2018
Our March/April issue is at the printers (and in e-subscribers’ inboxes). (Not a subscriber yet? You can subscribe now here!)…

New Issue!

Chris Sturr , January 26, 2017
Our January/February issue is finally out–sent to e-subscribers a couple of days ago, and in the mail to print subscribers.…

Krugman’s Failure to Speak Truth to Power about Austerity

William K. Black , November 23, 2016
By William K. Black Cross-posted at New Economic Perspectives.  In the first column in this series I explained how Hillary Clinton,…

New Issue!

Chris Sturr , November 8, 2016
Our November/December 2016 issue is out!  I just posted the cover story, Jerry Friedman’s Nativism: As American as (Rotten) Apple…

D&S Left Forum panels, plus: Friedman Responds on Single-Payer

Chris Sturr , May 20, 2016
Dollars & Sense will be at this year’s Left Forum conference in New York City, this afternoon through Sunday afternoon.…

Our May/June issue is out!

Chris Sturr , May 3, 2016
Our May/June issue is out!  Print subscribers should get their copies soon, and electronic subscribers just received their full-color pdfs.…

Bernie Slanders: How the Democratic Party Establishment Suffocates Progressive Change

Thomas Palley , March 21, 2016
By Thomas I. Palley, Independent Economist Washington, D.C. Cross-posted at the author’s blog, thomaspalley.com.  An earlier version of this appeared at Social…

Our March/April Issue Is Out!

Chris Sturr , March 10, 2016
We sent our March/April 2016 issue to e-subscribers last week, and the print copies are now arriving in print subscribers’…

The Latest Links on Friedman/Sanders, Romers, etc.

Chris Sturr , March 8, 2016
Gerald Friedman, Naked Capitalism, Gerald Friedman Responds to the Romers on the Sanders Plan: Different Models, Different Politics. Differences between my…

Latest links on Friedman/Sanders, etc.

Chris Sturr , March 4, 2016
More posts related to the kerfuffle over our columnist Gerald Friedman’s report WHAT WOULD SANDERS DO? ESTIMATING THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF…

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