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New Issue!

Chris Sturr , January 26, 2017
Our January/February issue is finally out–sent to e-subscribers a couple of days ago, and in the mail to print subscribers.…

Our March/April Issue Is Out!

Chris Sturr , March 10, 2016
We sent our March/April 2016 issue to e-subscribers last week, and the print copies are now arriving in print subscribers’…

Links: SEC and CEOs, Greece, Mexico, Trump, Salaita

Chris Sturr , August 11, 2015
  (1) Greece: In addition to the great video by Alicé Anil embedded above (well worth watching; includes clips with Krugman, Stiglitz, and…

Monday Links

Chris Sturr , July 14, 2014
(1) Esther Kaplan, Losing Sparta: the Bitter Truth Behind the Gospel of Productivity.  This is a must-read piece that came…

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